Take an application or software; it would be evident that there are advantages to having a quick launch speed.  The increasing sophistication of software would usually need more time to load or launch in most instances.  When an app looks to buck the trend and offer a quick launch, it is that people tend to notice it.  There are of course advantages to faster loading software but often speed has to be sacrificed at providing performance.

Lightning Launcher

A lot of users take this to be the fastest in offering for an android launcher.  It did start out as a very minimal launcher that grew on to offer some of the faster loading launchers too.  There are on offer a fair amount of features as well as applications that can take a few forms as such.  It must be said of the launcher that it is very flexible in operation despite the different modes of offering the service.

It is possible to offer multiple home screens that enable an ease of use in even a single user environment.  On offer is a discount fare that does not cost as much as the full version for those that do not have the use the full set of operations.

Next Launcher 3D Shell

For a launcher that offers 3D graphics, this is as light as it could be.  From being just flexible to being customizable, the launcher can be used to good effect in most situations.  Rarely is a trial version been given so much of features to try out.  It must be said of the launcher that it is innovative in its use of screen resolutions as in most situations the entire presentation depends on this single element of a smart phone.

The 3D launcher could be a look into the future of launchers that pays a lot of stress to the presentation part a great deal.